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Unmaintained AssociationMc Version 1.0.2

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How do I verify my domain and get the shared secret?

Visit and follow the instructions for verification either via DNS or with a HTML file.

Now that users can change their Minecraft username, what can I do to ensure the association names are correct?

Please see for informaiton on this.

What is the site id?

This should be the domain used to retrieve the shared secret. To clarify, it's exactly what you typed in the box on the verification site.

The verification site can't load the verification file even though it's there. Help?

Make sure you're not using CloudFlare's "under attack" mode since this blocks simpler bots from making requests. Try using the TXT record verification method.

How do I find out a user's UUID if they're associated?

This information is visible from the ACP. Simply edit a user and click on the 'extra' tab. From here, you can also remove the association.

Can I reward players in-game for signing up on the forums or otherwise integrate with this addon?

Yes, the addon ships with a JSON-based API for retrieving information about association status. See the documentation for more info.

When customising the colours, which colours correspond to each area of the widget?

Can I remove the "MCAssoc" footer branding?

MCAssoc does support this., but I've chosen not to include a option for this in the addon's settings in order to recognise the work lukegb has put into the service and allow others to make use of it too.