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AssociationMc - XenForo to Minecraft account association Version 1.0.2

Provide Minecraft account association in XenForo.

  1. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    lol768 submitted a new resource:

    AssociationMc - Provide Minecraft account association in XenForo.

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  2. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

  3. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    lol768 updated AssociationMc with a new update entry:

    Allow custom avatar URLs, fix association link not being shown, add user criteria support

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  4. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Regarding Minecraft name changes (available starting today):
    • All current and past association information uses UUIDs - association information won't be lost if someone changes username.
    • Display usernames are cached indefinitely at association time.
    • Users can update their own usernames by removing their association and re-adding it.
    • Site owners can batch update all associated users by downloading and running a simple script into the AssociationMc directory in XF_ROOT/library.
      • This may take a few minutes for larger sites in order to comply with Mojang's rate limiting. If this approach is not feasible for your site (large numbers of users), send me a PM.
    Thanks to @drtshock and @FlamingPaw for their help testing this.
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  5. drtshock

    drtshock Member

    Works amazingly :)
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  6. Can't quite seem to get this working. I feel like I'm right there, just missing something obvious/simple. Here's what I've done:

    1) Installed the addon.
    2) Signed up my domain to mcassoc.lukegb.com
    3) Verified via HTML file
    4) Received the shared key
    5) Generated random instance key using the javascript code at jsbin.com/jadofehoqu/1/
    6) Placed both the instance and shared keys into my Xenforo options.
    7) Guessed what to put in the Site ID field (tried my company name, my forum's name from xenforo options, my domain that i signed up with for shared key, etc)
    8) Test by associating my mc account, but get failure "There was an error while associating your account. Additional details: signature invalid" with my site id, instance key, and shared key all publicly pasted in the error for any user that tries (and fails) to see.

    What did I miss? I bet its that Site ID field, which your instructions do not clearly specify what goes in there. It only says I will get a "required parameters missing" error if I fail to set it (which I tested to see).
  7. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Yeah, I think that's the problem. The site ID field should match verbatim what you typed into the web interface for your domain when you asked for the shared key. It's odd that you state you tried this without luck.


    Can you give it one more shot and let me know if it still doesn't work? Please ensure that the domain matches the domain you're hosting the forums from and that the site ID exactly matches the domain you supplied when generating the shared key.

    I take it you use the same nick on Esper? Feel free to PM me regarding this over IRC if you find it more convenient.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2015
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  8. Hizah! It worked that time. Very odd, because I know I tried that. My browser (Chrome) had even saved field entry in its form history. :S
  9. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Awesome! Yeah, strange it didn't work when you first tried it. I'll try and ensure the site ID field is better documented.

    Let me know if you have any other questions relating to the addon :)
  10. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

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  11. Okane

    Okane Member

    hello there! my site runs in a test subdomain (like test.domain.com) on my domain where i have planned to move all when everything will be ready.
    will associationmc break up if i do so? what will happen to existing associated profiles?

    it worked in my subdomain setting it like if it was in the main domain. now the question is if it will break when i'll move the site to my domain directory
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2015
  12. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Hi there! :)

    You'll need to get a new shared secret once you change domain to ensure the verification system continues to work. Don't worry though, this won't impact any existing associations.

    I'd recommend you grab the shared secret for the domain you're planning to move to now (in advance) and write it down somewhere. It will work forever once you've verified the domain and received the secret and so if you have it in advance it'll be easy when you are ready to do the transfer.

    The only thing I think that would happen if you forgot to use the new shared secret is that new verifications would fail. When it comes to doing the move, I'd suggest doing the following:

    1. Switch over to the new shared secret (the one you got for domain.com)
    2. Change the site id to match the new domain (domain.com)
    3. Ensure insecure mode is disabled
    4. Disassociate and reassociate your account to make sure the verification is still working
    Hope this helps.
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  13. GalaxyRealms

    GalaxyRealms Member

    This is extremely confusing and time consuming. Is there anyone that is willing to set this up for a little $Cash$?
  14. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Have you considered reading the documentation? If you have, what don't you understand?

    I'm willing to help explain anything that doesn't make sense but you'll need to put some effort in to try and read the documentation and explain what doesn't make sense.
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  15. BigBoomer

    BigBoomer Member

    Hi, I've seen this plugin working on your website, so I know it works great. When I installed it on my 1.4.8 site, I get the following error:

    There was an error while associating your account.
    Additional details: timestamp stale

    I am using Cloudflare with SSL (Strict) set on and caching turned off for now. Any help?
  16. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    Please check your server's clock is correct. Simple way to do this is to make a script file somewhere which contains:

    echo (new DateTime())->format('c');
    Use something like Time.is - exact time, any time zone to figure out if your clock is wrong. If it is, contact your server host/use "sudo ntpdate -u pool.ntp.org" to fix it yourself.
  17. DJNinjaCrash

    DJNinjaCrash Member

    For some reason group promotions aren't working on my forums running XenForo 1.4.6
    I tick the "Minecraft association:" box, and save it. But when I open the group promotion back up again the box is unticked.
    I can't seem to find any errors.
  18. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

    Reproduced, I'll have a look into this for you later.

    Edit: Fixed. This is actually only a minor thing - even if it doesn't look checked it technically is (so the promotion will still work unless you edit the promotion).

    I'll prepare a new release tomorrow. You can patch this yourself using Fix promotion bug · lol768/XenForo-MCASSOC@f441070 · GitHub if you really want.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2015
  19. DJNinjaCrash

    DJNinjaCrash Member

    Okay, Thank You. :)
  20. lol768

    lol768 Active Member

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