ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat

ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat v4.1.2

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been having problems and sent a support ticket many times. no support really and can't even log into the chats with my admin name at all. can access the panel but can't log into the rooms with my main admin name
The name "Admin" is blocked by default. You can unblock it in the admin panel under general settings. I see we've answered all your questions in our support system and will continue to do so. I apologize that you aren't having a good experience so far. We will continue to answer your questions and help you out.
Avoid this addon at all cost (even free).
Bad integration, no support from author, expensive.
For half the price and nice integration, use Siropu Chat 2.
Sorry you had a bad experience. We do provide 30+ days of technical support and XenForo is fully integrated. We'd be happy to fix any problems you're having regardless of whether your support is expired.
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