live chat

  1. 021

    [BS] Real time chat 1.1.2

    See FAQ before install Installation service $30 Features: All changes occur in real time (new post, delete, edit, etc.) Editing own/all messages Deleting own/all messages Clear chat (/clear command) Command handlers Chat notifications Sound notifications in chat Chat ad above messages The...
  2. C

    Unmaintained Chatwee Chat 1.0.3

    Hello XenForo community! We’d like to share with you our social live chat add-on and instant messaging platform that will enhance the experience of your forum users with a real-time communication feature. Chatwee is a group and private live chat you can easily install to make your forum more...
  3. ArrowSuites

    ArrowChat - Facebook Style Chat v4.0.2

    Add Live Chat and Video to XenForo ArrowChat lets your XenForo users text and video chat with each other. Installs in minutes on top of any existing website. Every version includes an admin panel to customize nearly everything you see. Enable large features like chat rooms or tweak smaller...