[AH] Discord Widget

[AH] Discord Widget 2.2.3

No permission to download
Says it supports 2.0 but when I try to use it says I don't have 2.1, Please fix this or tell me what I can do to get it working, Thanks.
Matt C.
Matt C.
The new update says that it only supports 2.1. you can download a previous version that supports 2.0. Please remove this review.
Outstanding! I really appreciate all hard the work you put into this widget, because it is obvious. From the ability to change several settings in the options menu, to the permissions, as well as the many "Style Properties" values you added makes this widget simply awesome. Thanks again for taking the time to make and share this fantastic widget for Discord.
Great Add-on as well. It's working 100% fine without any problems. Keep up the good work you are doing with it.
Fantastic addon. Simple and lightweight - works perfectly with a ton of customization options. Thank you.
Amazingly seamless with our community, great work from the Developer! Perfect extension! The Call to Action button looks and works great too. Easiest 5* ever given :3
Matt cares about the community and provided a free discord add on that displays beautifully on the site! Thank you!
Matt C.
Matt C.
Thank you for the kind words!