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Unmaintained Advanced Forum Statistics 1.0

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Thread, forum:
- Latest Post
- Latest Post custom
- Hostest thread
- Most viewed thread
- Latest News
- Top Forum

- Newest Member
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1. Upload all the folder with file in UPLOAD folder to your root folder.
2. Import Product
3. Settings -> options - > Advanced Forum Statistics change all options to fit your need.
4. Remember to mark as installed and nominate if you use and like this mod.


First release
Last update
4.21 star(s) 14 ratings

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Latest reviews

great addon but not for Xenforo 1.4, if use Xenforo 1.4x can use new addon static => http://www.obinb.com/2015/10/vtlai-topx-add-on-thong-ke-thay-cho.html
This is a great plugin. It still works for 1.3.2, although the author hasn't updated it in forever. It's simple, looks great, and it's free, what more can you ask for? I just hope it doesn't break anytime soon since it's unlikely there will be any updates.
Great addon to any forum, especially a gaming or technology forum. :)
The addon is good, but has a big problem and is constantly updated and this is a server overload. If you have a powerful server no problem but if you have a VPS with more than 30 thousand registered users.
Very noticeable slow server, so I'm not going to install even though it is very good addon.
3 stars for effort, thanks.
The RM is showing ver 1.o but i believe the XML to be ver 0.9.3
Make my website slower and make my cpu high
Excellent! Very useful.