Advanced Bb Codes Pack

Advanced Bb Codes Pack 1.9.8

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Another great addon by Xon. Does what it says and adds very useful bb codes. You can deactivate any custom bb codes you don't need. The general editor improvements are also nice and some of them were even recently integrated into XF core.

As with all addons by Xon: If you find the described functions useful, you may buy it without hesitation. High code quality and author is very responsive. As usual, bugs may appear, but get fixed quickly - at least that's what I experienced.
First, add-on is amazing with a wide range of bbcodes that will enhance any site. Best $ I've spent on an add-on in a long time.

Second, oh my, the support from Xon was amazing. He was all over my issue like white on snow. And it was "my" issue, and together we figured it out, back and forth, back and forth. Very patient.

Deserves six stars, both the product, and the support!
Excellent light-weight add-on with alot of great custom BB-Codes. Very sleek designed BB-Codes and easy to use. Moderator only BB-Codes is very functional to limit certain BB-Codes to specifically staff and are really useful.

The support of Xon is outstanding. Support takes the time to solve any issue. Not only do they provide excellent support it will be done with professionalism, quick to instant responses and broad explanations that every user will understand.

Would recommend this add-on.