Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.19

No permission to buy (€49.99)
As always, just an amazing system. Loved the xf1 version, the new additions and ease of use in this one... best ads system for XF without question.
Great software with a ton of options and features. Siropu answers questions, fixes bugs, and implements suggestions routinely.
This an excellent AddOn! The built-in ad manager just didn't do what we needed. This rascal does everything and more. Even let's you serve different ads to different device types and tries to work around Ad Blockers. The developer is very responsive.
I could not be any happier with my purchase. It is worth every penny, very easy setup, with awesome support. Highly Recommend Purchasing if you are interested.
Very Great program. He responds, listens, and cares. I thought this was too much at first, but seeing the extensive detail; it's worth every penny and goes way way beyond anything!
PERFECT. This is one of the best implemented, thought-out add-ons of any kind. Well worth twice the price. The only thing missing is the ability to run site background ads.
Great add-on. Fantastic support. Siropu always attentive when asked questions. He is a very polite chap.
Great support and the add on works perfectly, couldn't be happier! Definitely the best way to get the most out of monetizing your forum.
Absolutely great support from Siropu, I couldn't be happier with this addon as an AdManager for my Forum.
This add on has a lot of features.
But i am hardly missig some instructuins. :-(
Will change my ratings whe i got a answer of developers support page.
best advertising add-on ever!!!
siropu is amazing!! i love this add-on so much
it has many features and it's easy for users to buy ads,
siropu has great support and it always improving this add-on
his is one of the top add-no developers here and i trust him,
i am happy to buy his add-ons
tank you sir for this amazing add-on!!
hip hip hooray for siropu!!
Easily one of the most useful add-ons for our large scale forum. Continuous updates, friendly support, and leading features make this add-on a must-have.
Great add on, responsive developer, very glad for his help getting the functionality I needed to run DFP ads on my forum!
Excellent, full-service add-on with a responsive and flexible author who is willing to accept suggestions and add them to the product in a timely fashion. Thank you @Siropu
Nice addon. I use it and it's priceless. Nice and effective support. I definitely recommended to have it.
Best ads manager you will ever need for your forum. It has features similar to Google Adwords. Great support. Highly recommend it!
Very good add-on! Its really well designed and worth every single cent. Also the support is always fast and very good :)
This is an excellent ad manager and the best one built natively for XF. Siropu is quick to provide support and seems to genuinely care about the quality of the product. It is worth the money!
Great add-on from Siropu. quality is perfect and his support and reaction time to email, messages on this and his board is a 6 star rating!
I love this ads manager a lot. And the support from the developer is outstanding. You will not b sorry purchasing this addon.
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