Ads Manager 2 by Siropu

Ads Manager 2 by Siropu 2.4.20

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Update after using ads manager for over 3 years if not more. THIS IS THE BEST ADDON FOR ADS MANAGEMENT! Well done @SIROPU ✅
Without a doubt the single best add-on for XF. Every conceivable display option you could ever ask for. Works flawlessly. Bravo!
I have used this add on for a number of years. It's our most important add on - ticks every box. Thanks a bunch.
I use xencloud and I've had issues with other addons in the past. The install was a breeze, download to your computer, click addons on your forum admin console, then install the zip file. installs effortlessly.
It gives excellent options to both the user and the admin! It keeps thing simple and clean and is self explanitory.
Every one of his plugins are high quality. This is a great tool for managing advertisements on your site.
purchased yesterday and a rune that I highly recommend Fully automated advertising system with many detailing systems
I had this on XF 1, but it has jumped through a million hoops to be THAT much better in XF2. Simply the best addon for advertising you could imagine.
This is a very nice and comprehensive addon and a no-brainer for those who want to show/sell ads on their page. Siropu also responds quickly when asking him questions, and my highest recommendation :) :)
I was concerned about being able to implement similar ad placements when I migrated from vB4 to XF2.1. A couple experts recommended this addon and it is working great. Very flexible and I appreciate the export system and lazy load feature. I haven't even looked at many of the options yet. I only needed the Lite version, but bought the full version on the Easter discount offer in case I needed the extra features in the future.
This add on has a lot of features.
But i am hardly missig some instructuins. :-(
Will change my ratings whe i got a answer of developers support page.
Great add-on. Fantastic support. Siropu always attentive when asked questions. He is a very polite chap.
This add-on (like his others) is great. The features are extensive and the developer is VERY responsive to support tickets. Can't thank them enough.
Great add-on from Siropu. quality is perfect and his support and reaction time to email, messages on this and his board is a 6 star rating!
Great software with a ton of options and features. Siropu answers questions, fixes bugs, and implements suggestions routinely.
Very powerfull advertising addon for Xenforo. I'm impressed. :)
(Of course there is room for improvement, but about this within the discussion thread.
The best ads manager for Xenforo, end of story. Siropu keeps on adding cool features and his support is great.
Amazing! We were looking for the perfect solution for our direct advertising needs. It almost is perfect.
I used the XF1 version of this addon and didn't think it could get any better than that. I was wrong! This version is WAY better. More placements, easier to put ads in multiple places, more options (eg, affiliate linking). Just fantastic.
Excellent, full-service add-on with a responsive and flexible author who is willing to accept suggestions and add them to the product in a timely fashion. Thank you @Siropu
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