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Add-on Update Notifier 1.1.8

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I’m glad Mazzly decided to code this addon, I think he did a fantastic job on it and did as well or better than I could have.
Its a great addon witch helps a admin to reduce work time to administrate all the add-on updates and upgrades as fast as possible.
Excellent addon that's an absolute must for anyone that's running a community with multiple addons, or who's running multiple communities. This is the only easy way to make sure your addons are kept up-to-date.
I don't know how I managed before this.
Actually, I do know - I had a many updates outstanding.
Not any more.
All add-ons from @mazzly are great and most useful.
good and quick staff
I recommend all add-ons from @mazzly
This is a very helpful add-on and I have purchased the maximum 150 API.
I'm currently up to 155 add-ons and am wondering if/hoping we can possibly purchase an API for maybe around 200—250(¿?)
Love the add-on so easy to use and gives me a notification when something is needing to be updated both on the front end of the forum and the admin panel. Thanks for making life so easy!
Quality addon. Simple yet effective. Literally it detects the addons that are out of date. You press download and it either grabs the file directly from XF or it redirects you to the vendors page.
Simply great! Make updating add-ons much easier. It is a must-have add-on. I hope it becomes a native function in xenForo.
Great, handy little app to keep up to date on addons! Allows for downloading right from your forum admin page!
Excellent add-on and a huge time saver, especially for communities that utilize a good number of add-ons from various publishers. Love it!
Absolutely brilliant - a massive time saver that lets you sleep well. Never miss a relevant addon update w/o having to check manually. Direct download of the updates from the ACP-panel is also very comfortable.
VERY Useful. I can just be lazy and not check updates and it does it for me. I also bought the upgraded api version.
does what it says it will do, notification of all the add ons, you have noting there is limit it can manage
Very good add-on! No worries about not up to date add-ons anymore. Even the owner of this add-on is very helpful! Thanks a lot!!
Very neat add-on. Pain to keep all the plugins updated without it. Highly recommended.

Well worth the money as well, reasonably priced.
Saves me a lot of time from checking for new updates manually every few days! Even checks on devs own sites if they don't update on this site, saving even more time! I got the +30 upgrade and am at 55, which is perfect. Keep up the great work, dev! You're saving a lot of other forum owners time!
Provides incredible functionality that should come out of the box with xenForo! No issues with the plugin, and it's great to know when add-ons are updated.
It was something missing in my forum manager. I really enjoyed the reminder, the direct link to download. Very useful. Many thanks.
I had the chance to test this add-on since the alpha version and mazzly did an outstanding job, thank you very much for sharing this!
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