Add Indicator after node title

Unmaintained Add Indicator after node title

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Very Groovy. :)
Very Nice.........
Very nice Shelley. I'm lovin it :D
Simple, effective, pretty, and works :)
I love all these CSS enhancements of yours Shelley! :)
Very nice Shelley! Great addition ;)
And, once more... Shelley comes to the rescue. I had been thinking about doing this but she saves me the trouble of losing more hair.
Is made by Shelley what else can i say
Well done as always!
Really... this is great! Thanks :)
Nice use of pseudo elements!
Thanks again CyberAp you actually inspired me after something you mention in the support area the other day. :)
Quick, simple and effective in catching the users attention -- I like!
Thanks for the review Kev. :)
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