Add Indicator after node title

Unmaintained Add Indicator after node title

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Awesome little edit that makes a big impact!
nice tip :)
Good tip.
easy and welcomed addition!
Simple but yet elegant!
Simple, Useful, Great effect. Thanks so much.
One of the best resources I've found! Very useful, my members thank you Shelley!
Simple and effective!
What a RIPPA! Thanks :)
Quick, simple and effective in catching the users attention -- I like!
Thanks for the review Kev. :)
Nice use of pseudo elements!
Thanks again CyberAp you actually inspired me after something you mention in the support area the other day. :)
Since I'm using custom node icons, I was looking for a feature like this. Thank you so much for sharing this useful tip for us Shelley!
Really... this is great! Thanks :)
Well done as always!
Is made by Shelley what else can i say
And, once more... Shelley comes to the rescue. I had been thinking about doing this but she saves me the trouble of losing more hair.
Very nice Shelley! Great addition ;)
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