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Tried this out as I quite like the dev who is pretty helpful. I didn't really think I'd see much from it but its actually a decent addon!

I used to just use code that showed adverts under every first post but I rarely got clicks and when I did, the value was ****e!

I'd say my site now earns about 40% more than it used to
+ If you search a add-on for your forum! Perfect! Works good
+ The option that you can disable ad for groups is very good.
+ It's simple to edit and free.
- That you can't put ad in other contant or pages, (Make able to set Ad view on your profile at the memeber list or at any other self created page. (with that it is a 5/5)
Simple and Powerful Ad Manager. Brilliantly designed to encash more money through ads. Glad to be using it
Author very fix happening precisely with other add-on not compatibility been. Very useful addition, success in the development of Ad Manager
Makes managing Ads much easier as there is only a single template to configure. The option to exclude certain forums is very useful as Google Adsense Ads should not be shown on private forums.
I have tried this addition and it works great. Andy is awesome person, and #1 member on XenForo who provides exceptional support and is also willing to help out. He created so many great resources and XF community should have more incredible people like Andy.
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