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Ad Manager - Easily manage advertising scripts and have them display in forum list, forum view and thread view.


Easily manage advertising scripts and have them display in forum list, forum view and thread view.

Live example:

(Example of advertising)

View attachment 102855

(Example of advertising responsive)

View attachment 102856

(Example of Options page)

View attachment 102857

(Example of User Group Permissions)

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  • Ads are displayed in forum list,...

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EDIT: Ad is not visible with the option "View at forum view bottom". All other options seems to work fine.
View at forum bottom works fine for me.

Question, Is there a way to add more banners to choose from. ( i.e your program will randomly choose one of the available banners to show )
Thanks Andy. , You are very accommodating.
So I am clear, If I want to randomize the forum view banners. I would add that code to the below template ?

Hi Andy,

Ive been putting it off but I finally implemented the link you showed me earlier. After some massaging it worked perfectly.
Thank you again for your selfless work and advice.
It looks like the banner is only applied to the default forum skin.
If anyone uses one of the other skin options the banner is not applied.
But is Fusion your default template ?

I am using a customized template as my default and its working fine for me to. Its just if a user chooses a template that i have not set as default, it does not work.
But is Fusion your default template ?

Ah sorry, yes it is my default.

@AndyB Is there a way to view more ads then just the two (small/large)? For example adding several links, and it would show randomly between the different ads. Also would be great to be able to set other ad locations.
I'd like to only show ads in forums that are viewable by guests regardless of the visitor's own permissions.

Is it possible to choose which forums that ads will be shown in based on the forum permissions?

I could add some logic to check the specific forum ID in the template, but would need to manually update that each time I modify forum permissions or add/remove forums.

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