Hi all,

We'd like to apologize for the time it took to get this update out. Due to the nature of how we've done releases in the past, we got stuck in a backlog of UI.X bugs that we were not content with releasing. We wanted to wait until we got all the issues knocked out. So here we are. All bugs reported to us have been addressed!We did the very best we could to make this as stable a release as possible, but very important that you:
  • Always, always, make a BACKUP before upgrading live. Not only of your database/site as a whole, but also specifically your current theme xml files
  • If you have questions, we're here to help.
This update contains a huge amount of work, from over 5 of our team members, tirelessly improving our products. Sweat and blood in here, no joke. The previous releases of our products were stable, and we saw no reason to rush to a launch. We wanted it to be done as best we can.

Audentio Design/ThemeHouse products are built to be the best, and nothing short of that. No other theme on the market touches the feature-rich nature of our products or customization capabilities, and for that reason we require extra time to work on them. They are tested on multi-million user websites, with tens of millions of posts, and dozens of different types of add-ons. We are grateful to all the developers who have worked with us to make sure the product runs smoothly as well. The developer community here at XenForo is truly amazing.

Most importantly and above all else, we want to thank you, all of our clients, our critics, and the XF community as a whole. One small token of our thanks and also what we feel we owe you is that we have extended all licenses by 6 months free of charge for the delay. We strive for excellence, and we know we can do better. And we will.

If there are issues, please do report them, they will be fixed asap. Just roll back to your last version and await the update.

Thank you very much.
-- Audentio Design/ThemeHouse

Here are some key notes about the product update:
  • Sidebar can be moved to the off-canvas navigation
  • Off-canvases can be converted to "on-canvas" navigations
  • Major speed improvements
  • Ability to collapse signatures
  • Ability to toggle postbit content
  • And all bugs reported in UI.X all the way back since, read all the releases here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ui-x.2239/updates
Hi all,

We'd like to apologize for the delay in this release, things got a little hectic. But we made sure it was our best work. The biggest outcry was contrast, so we made sure to get that addressed.

In addition to all the features in the last 3-5 UI.X releases, plus all the bug fixes reported to date taken care of.

Some of the new features/bug fixes include:
  • static canvas panel support
  • .commentSimple and .messageSimple (comments and small messages) have been styled as that somehow got missed
  • XMG search page fixed up
  • Pagination border offset of the height fixed
  • @categorySidebar style property bug (missing style property notice when debug mode is on)
  • Bottom call to action button overlapping pagination
  • Unread thread/conversation indicator as text has been turned into a style property - fix so non-english forums don't have to handle it if they do not want to
  • Removed use of english phrases, or phrases in general, in CSS
  • Use subforum title style property to style subforum title anchors.
  • Thin white line below the crumb category when "Remove selected tab sub-links" is gone now
  • Search position screwing with login style not happening anymore
  • Postbit centers username/usertitle on mobile
  • Line-height of labels and form inputs in formOverlay
  • Some important color palette changes to help ensure legibility and ease on the eyes on older devices and monitors
  • Fixed profile post like bar
  • Swap icon for collapse/uncollapse nodes
  • Added material design icons in more places
Read more on the UI.X releases (since here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/ui-x.2239/updates

Please report any issues, thanks for all your patience and support.