A guide to Xenforo attachments / photos

Unmaintained A guide to Xenforo attachments / photos

Excellent post, helped me further understand the attachment system as I was stumped in finding a good compromise. Original photo nearly 5MB to a resized (max dimensions 1000x1000) 82KB!
Excellent, thank you!
Really useful tip if you want to lower the cost!
Thank you very much
good tips
Thanks for the advice regarding allowing larger file sizes to be uploaded but ultimately not being a resource hog for the webmaster in the long run :)
Thank you for sharing the dimension settings. I had overlooked this.
Thanks for the info.
Well explained - thanks :)
I can't believe how well this answered all my questions (especially regarding picture / image storage directories and folders) and then it answered questions I should have had but didn't think about yet! THANK YOU!!!
Thank you for the tips