1. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Postbit Cover

    JoyFreak submitted a new resource: [JoyFreak] Postbit Cover - Allow your members to set a postbit cover photo with this easy and simple guide. Read more about this resource...
  2. JoyFreak

    [JoyFreak] Postbit Cover

    Live example: Gaming Forum Description This guide will run you through on how to allow your members to set a postbit cover photo that will display within their posts/messages. Guide Create a custom user field. Go to Admin CP > Users > Custom user fields Field ID: This can be anything you want...
  3. R

    XF 2.0 iPhone Photo Orientation

    Lately I've been having a significant number of users post iPhone photos that have incorrect orientation. I know support for EXIF orientation tags has already been implemented in XF, and I believe it's working (posting my own sideways orientation photos from my iPhone 6s Plus running iOS 11.4.1...
  4. Kintaro

    Lack of interest photo attachment comments

    I would like to see photo info and comments on zoomed photos attachments lightbox (like facebook ecc).
  5. Robru

    XF 1.5 Photo insert trouble

    After upload photo's I choose 'Insert every image as a full image', one picture is visible, others not.
  6. Recep Baltaş

    360 Photo Support

    Here I am, with a feature request ahead of the time :) I want to be able to upload my 360 photos directly into XF. Here is an example:
  7. Robru

    XF 1.5 [FIXED] Problem with uploading photo

    A somewhat obscure error. There are no errors in the ACP. Why I get this error ;)
  8. Amin Sabet

    Lack of interest Retain copyright info for image attachments

    I noticed that image attachments have all metadata stripped, including copyright. It's important to my members that their copyright info is retained. Would ideally like to have the option of retaining all image metadata for attachments (eg, EXIF) but especially copyright. EDIT - Do I have...
  9. erich37

    XF 1.4 Header-Image different for each Forum-Node

    I would like to create a "Header-image" (photo) very similar as show here: Have You Seen ... ? | Express Plus Company But I would like to have a different image for each different "Forum Category" (a different photo for each Forum-Node). Does anyone know of how to do this ? Many thanks! :)
  10. Walter

    Unmaintained A guide to Xenforo attachments / photos

    Some useful info about attachments/fotos in Xenforo: Where are attachments stored? If you were used to vBulletin there was a setting if you want to store the attachments in the file system (doesn't stress your database) or in the database (prohibits synchronization problems if you use several...
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