1. Oblivion Knight

    Duplicate Screen resizing issue with Froala editor on FireFox

    Stumbled upon this completely by accident.. :oops: Steps to Replicate: Place the cursor within the editor. Hold Ctrl + Left mouse button. Drag to the left or right and try to highlight some text. Using: FireFox Quantum 66.0.2 (64-bit) This does not appear to happen using Chrome.
  2. B

    Lack of interest Preserve EXIF info in attachments (ImageMagick)

    Hello, When Xenforo calls ImageMagick (PECL version, fwiw), it calls the 'thumbnailImage' function instead of resizeImage (or adaptiveResizeImage). (resizeImage is only used by Xenforo for Scaling Up) This can be seen in the php file \upload\library\XenForo\Image\ImageMagick\Pecl.php: foreach...
  3. dotpro

    MG 1.1 Resizing and reducing size on the fly

    See attachment. I noticed that images are not reducing in size even though they are reduced to "maximum" upload width/height. Do we have any ability in xmg to reduce image sizes or compress the images, not just resolution but also physical disk space the image takes? I downloaded the same...
  4. Walter

    Unmaintained A guide to Xenforo attachments / photos

    Some useful info about attachments/fotos in Xenforo: Where are attachments stored? If you were used to vBulletin there was a setting if you want to store the attachments in the file system (doesn't stress your database) or in the database (prohibits synchronization problems if you use several...
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