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With the release of XF1.2 I've decided to comply with a long-requested change to how I do XenUtiles. In the past, I've included all of my admin tools into XenUtiles as a single omnibus package... people didn't like this. So instead, I will be separating packages into related features.

This specific package is for pruning related features. The first time the pruner runs, it may take a long time if you have a large existing forum; as it will have to process the entire history of your community.

  • Automatically hard-delete, soft-deleted threads, posts or profile messages.
  • Automatically delete old unconfirmed accounts and send reminder emails.


  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRutiles/Pruner/addon-EWRutiles_pruner.xml"
  • set options in administration control panel
As most of you know, I've been rewriting all my mods for "PRO" releases. However, I've decided that these XenUtiles features are pretty essential to most forums. So I've decided not to charge for the majority of XenUtiles features. If you appreciate my work, please consider a donation.
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Love this addon. It is very useful! Now I can clean my forum without using phpmyadmin.
as usual, another excellent addon. thank you so very much Jaxel..
Very useful. Thank you for separating the original add-on.
I like them isolated like this, as this and profile spam finding are the two features I used from this, the rest was off. Good decision.
Good, but that's be a mistake, to separate the Utility ;)
Put it in one App.... as before.
Did you really give it 2/5 stars because its not bundled with other stuff?
Great addon!
awesome thank you
Very useful addon.
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