[8WR] XenMedio (Media)

Unmaintained [8WR] XenMedio (Media) 1.5.3a

No permission to download
Wonderful addon
Disappointed yet a second time that this now "unsupported" mod cannot be uninstalled, and continues to throw Server errors. I'm at a point now where I can't reinstall, and I can completely uninstall....
a very nice mod from great coder
Latest update fixes incompatibilities with some Waindigo add-ons. Thank you.
Love it!
idk why but it adds 2 queries in the thread view
It only adds 2 queries to the thread view IF that thread's parent node is marked as a "media forum". If you disable the media forum system, then it wont add any queries.
We're heading towards 400 videos, and adding more all the time on IWantMy80s.com! Works great, thanks so much for all the features and continued development!
Awesome Thank You!
I'm loving this as well. Fully featured right out of the box. It was extremely easy to install/configure. Thank you.
Found I didn't need this mod, but it wouldn't uninstall without crashing the forum.
Had this on vB 3.x board and super-impressed to see it shared here = Thanks so much!
Like all the other Xen mods, easy to use
Fantastic mod! Thank you for your enormous contribution to Xenforo mods.
I love how easy it is to add videos to the library but the videos fail to embed when automatically submitting it to the forum. Other than that, the addon is awesome.
An excellent add on! Very easy to use!
Great addon! But not 5 stars because it don't have related video sugesstion :)
coolll working fine...