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Unmaintained [8WR] XenMedio (Media) 1.5.3a

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  • Added "custom data" options! I used to have these in the old VB4 version, but never got around to putting them back into the XF version.
  • The custom data is just extra data. You can create additional fields where users can input data about the video they are submitting.
  • Custom data settings are similar to XF's option settings. Select the type of data entry: textbox (strings), spinbox (integers), checkboxes, radial menus and select menus... Then set the parameters for that field if needed. You can even use "min", "max" and "step" for spinboxes!
  • Added a "breadcrumb" for media when looking at watched media.
This is a HUGE update; to the point where I was contemplating making it available to premium purchasers only; decided against it. If you have not yet purchased the premium expansion for this addon, please consider it. If you have already; consider a donation! =P
  • Added columns for last commenter info to the media table.
  • Added tables for media user preferences, media watch preferences, and media read records.
  • Added a daily cronjob for cleaning up outdated media read records.
  • Added a "watched media" page to user account control.
  • Users now have the ability to "watch" (re: subscribe) to any media, even media that they did not upload. This is pretty much exactly the same as watching a thread. They can receive alerts, and if they choose, they can have an email notification.
  • Users can set their auto-watch preferences in their preference page.
  • Users will NOT receive alerts for media they uploaded before this version until they subscribe to that media. Sorry, but this had to be done for progress...
  • BUG FIX: services that do not properly set up their meta tags will be worked around.
Hey guys! Its the holiday season, and this mod is free! If you can donate, please do! Or buy, the branding removal option! Anything you can do to help, will be greatly appreciated!
  • Playlists have completely changed once again! You guys are gonna like it much better this time though!
  • Playlists now have an option while playing in order to automatically forward to the next video in the list upon completion (supported by youtube only).
  • You can now edit playlists using drag and drop of jQuery, just drag the items around into the order you want them to be.
  • Users can now view playlists from specific users, instead of just using the full playlist page.
  • A check has been put in to prevent malicious users from editing media in which they did not have permissions.
  • The secret submit-youtube link now supports playlists, in addition to user channels.
  • The secret submit-youtube link now gives you the option to automatically add media to an existing playlist.
  • Options page has been updated to work with PHP 5.4.
  • YouTube XML has been completely rewritten to the new YouTube API, this new version is required in order to use the new playlist features.
  • Added some missing phrases.
This new version constructs the "PREMIUM" edition in a different way. Because of it, you will have to re-download all the premium edition files. I am currently re-releasing the premium expansions and they will be up soon.

The new premium files will be sold on PulleyApp.com; I wanted to sell them here at XenForo.com, but its taking far too long for XF to release a payment processor. Unfortunately, PulleyApp does not support the creation of "proxy" sales; so I can't create purchase orders who have previously purchased older versions.

If you purchased older versions, PM me your paypal order details, your email address and what you purchased and I will get back to you. Or you can just purchase the stuff again, chalk the extra cost up as a donation and make things easier on me. ;)
  • Services now support MULTIPLE regular expressions. This is for services such as YouTube that can have multiple different shapes or URLs for the same video.
  • Services regular expressions now used named capture groups.
  • Upgraded to the March-2012 version of JWPlayer.
  • There is now a confirmation dialog when removing a video from a playlist.
  • There is now a SECRET bulk youtube submission form at "media/submit-youtube". Simply input a channel name and the system will parse through the data for the channel and attempt to retrieve videos. Media already in the system will be greyed out. This is a server intensive process and open up for abuse, so right now only admins of your media section can use this secret upload form.
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This is not really an "update", as nothing changes within the code; so the version number has not been incremented. With the recent 1.3.8 upload, I forgot to include some updated hoster files. The new package has the updated hoster files; your hoster services will automatically get updated after you upload the files and run the update script.
  • Moved images from the JS directory to STYLES. This is for CDNs.
  • A helper function has been added for media thumbs for CDNs.
  • Added a top control function to create new playlists.
  • Redesigned playlist pages and removed extraneous information.
This modification is FREE! However, with the free version, you only get the ability to submit YOUTUBE videos into your media library. I put a lot of work into this software, so I need some way to recoup costs. So, I've decided that while YouTube is free, additional services will be a`la cart. Each additional service is $5. You can start the purchase process by sending me a private message here on XenForo

  • Premium Edition Expansion: $20
If you want to install additional services, you must first purchase this premium edition expansion model. Without this model, you will be unable to import new service XML files.​
  • With the premium edition expansion, you get LOCAL video hosting for FREE.
    • Local HTML5/Flash Video (FLV, F4V, M4V, MP4)
    • Local HTML5/Flash Audio (MP3, MP2, AAC, M4A)
    • Local HTML5/Flash Audio Playlist (mRSS XML)
    • Local Silverlight Video (WMV)
To host media locally, upload the media to your "/data/local/" directory.​
Then simply use "video:filename.ext" as the media submission URL.​

  1. 1up Game Videos: HTML (no duration)
  2. AdobeTV: HTML
  3. Blip: MRSS
  4. CollegeHumor: HTML (no duration)
  5. DailyMotion: MRSS
  6. FunnyOrDie: HTML (no duration, no autoplay)
  7. GameTrailers: HTML (no duration, no autoplay)
  8. Google: HTML (no keywords)
  9. Hulu: HTML (no duration, no autoplay)
  10. Justin: JSON (no autoplay)
  11. MegaVideo: MRSS (no autoplay)
  12. MetaCafe: MRSS
  13. NicoVideo: MRSS (no autoplay)
  14. Own3D: HTML (no autoplay)
  15. SoundCloud: HTML (no duration)
  16. uStream: JSON
  17. Veevr HTML (no duration, no autoplay)
  18. Veoh: MRSS
  19. Viddler: HTML (no duration)
  20. VideoJug: HTML
  21. Vimeo: JSON
  22. Yahoo: HTML (no duration)
  23. YouTube: JSON
  1. *******: HTML (no duration, no autoplay)
  2. RedTube: HTML (no duration, no keywords)
Why are these hosters more expensive? Because they are adult websites and as such are harder to support as every time I visit these websites, I have to worry about various security issues.​

  1. FlickR: HTML (no keywords)
  2. PhotoBucket: HTML (no keywords)
  3. PicasaWeb: HTML (no keywords)
I am adding more services as I go; however it takes time. If there is a specific service you are looking for, let me know so that I can put it at the top of my list. I will always try to find a JSON or MRSS solution before I fall back to HTML. However, not all services offer JSON or MRSS, so sometimes you have to take what you can get. Not all services offer the same type of information retrieval either; for instance, most services don't have duration handling.
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