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This addon allows you to mark a usergroup to hide their IPs. Why would you want to do this? Well, lets say you are working with a third-party company; and that company wants to be able to use your forum to promote their interests. But they don't want people to be able to see the IP addresses of people within the company. This mod allows you to hide the IPs of a usergroup.​
  • Hides IP listings from the XenForo content IP system (posts, profile-posts, xenmedio comments, etc).
  • Hides IP listings from user edit page in the admin/mod cp.
  • Hides user listings from cross-ip searching in the admin/mod cp.
  • Hides user listings from cross-ip searching in the spam cleaner.
  • Allow usergroups to bypass the privacy setting
  • upload the contents of the attached zip to your XF root
  • install from file on server: "library/EWRhideip/addon-EWRhideip.xml"
  • set usergroup permissions for hiding and bypassing.
  • IP addresses are not "deleted" from your database; they are still there. They are just not exposed in the front-end. Using this, if there is a security breach, you can view the IP addresses if needed.
  • This addon only hides IP listings for third-party addons that use the XenForo content IP system. If a third-party addon exposes IP addresses using other methods, you will have to deal with that on an individual case.
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