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    Xenforo mobile vs Tapatalk

    Same with me. It has been off of my forums for about 5 months now and I had 3-4 people rage quit over it. But at the end of the day, I can't control the ads, not matter what they say. I still have 10-12 people visit my site and 10-15 ads every day (according to their analytics) and it isn't...
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    [SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)

    @tenants , do you have any plans to implement the new business sidebar widget into a widget frameworks widget? This is the only widget I am missing for widget frameworks. Thanks Russ
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    Security Concern - TapaTalk

    Tapatalk is just BS. I uninstalled tapatalk on May 2nd, so how the hell am I getting users and ad impressions when it is not even installed on my site?? :eek: And if I was running Tapatalk, at no point would I EVER consider their numbers correct. I am still generating ad impressions on a...
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    What have you made recently?

    I am almost finished with my bar. Bar lights are installed. They are on full bright to offset the outside light.
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    what is your job?

    I build big generators. Currently I am building sets that make sure the internet never goes down. 60 liter engine and most likely a 2 megawatt generator. 91 liter engine and a 2.75 megawatt generator. and just the 91L in the shipping crate. Russ
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    Your Site Accomplishments

    Our community has been online for 10 years. For a local car community, that is HUGE. Russ
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    Donation Manager [Paid] [Deleted]

    I have the same thing. Rerun the xml, uninstall, reinstall, it is just the same. I was on 1.1.5 and it worked fine, but the 1.1.6 update made this happen. Russ
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    Rage Quitting

    we get them from time time time. Usually we try and make a example out of them. Just from last night. Russ
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    So who's going to migrate their LIVE site to 1.2

    Finally did my live site this morning. So far so good. Now it is onto all the little finishing details and getting the responsive design all dialed in.
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    Add-on [Paid] Private conversation ACP log

    I am in for a little donation to make this happen also. While in theory this would work, it is like hunting down a needle in a haystack. After my forum being around for 10 years, we have so many PC's that it is impossible to find something from 6+ months ago. Ideally, you would have the...
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    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    I just purchased it last night. After you paypal, you get a email will the add-on attached to it. I think it was less than 5 minutes after I finished paying. Russ
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    Are Private Conversations Accessible to Admins?

    Just wait until you are in the middle of a lawsuit because of something that happened in the PM system. You will be happy to be able to dig this stuff out without having to dig through the DB. Russ
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    Linode Free Trial

    Do not agree one bit. I am running 2 linode 512 slices (database and webserver) and they don't even break a sweat with 300 users plus the random guests/spiders. I even have 96MB of cache APC cache on the webserver and I think I am always running around 120-150MB free and I also have 96MB of...
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    End of Servint contract, considering move to Linode

    These stats are fairly close to what we run. Few more user users, few more posts, but all in all, pretty damn close. I would check out my site (link in sig). We are running 2 512 servers and are barely even throwing a load on them. I just renewed for another year and it was $430 for the...
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    End of Servint contract, considering move to Linode

    Another +1 for Linode. 660k posts, 30-50 logged in members and a total of 80-150 online and with 2 512 servers, I handle it with easy. APC installed on the web side, memcached install on the database side. I am usually in the 3-5% cpu range. I should easily be able to more than double my...