Hello! I'm Teapot. I'm a contract web developer based in the north of England, and alongside my client work, I currently develop for and administrate two online communities – Pokécharms and Anime UK News.

I've been part of forums since I was very small – I believe I joined my first forum when I was about 11 years old! It wasn't long after that when I started trying to modify and administrate my own forums – which at that point, involved me bodging together mods and themes for SMF!

I found XenForo back in early 2012, and after visiting a few XenForo-powered forums, I immediately started to like it. I then properly taught myself PHP and MySQL so that I could develop XenForo add-ons, eventually relaunched Pokécharms using it... and the rest is history! :)
Nov 9, 1992 (Age: 31)
Leeds, England
Favorite XenForo feature
Other forum software used
  1. Invision Power Board
  2. MyBB
  3. phpBB
  4. SMF



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