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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    Which setting is to change the text/button colours for these locations? Presuming they can be changed here " /admin.php?styles/motovlog-theme-new-child.12/style-properties/group&group=color"? I can't see black on black etc.
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    I've got round to renewing and upgrading etc. However, my inbox, bells and icons are all missing since I've upgraded? Everything shows as a square?
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    Country Flags by IP Address

    Maxmind Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable This addon made my site fall over, didn't upgrade or change anything. I thought I would remove and then reinstall but I', getting the above error?
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    XF 2.0 Can't upload images anymore?

    I've updated to the latest Xenforo - Not changed any settings at all etc. However, since the update, I/members cannot upload images anymore. I am getting this: It doesn't matter if I change upload limits etc, nothing works?
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    XF 2.0 Fail on quoting anyting with a smilie etc - and can't update anything HTML backend?

    I'm getting reports that members can't quote if someone uses a Smilie etc - I'm also finding the same error if I try to update HTML on a widget etc? The only thing I've done is an update to the latest version of Xenforo? Trouble is, I can't see what the problem is? Although I am getting this
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    XF2 Addons Version check [Deleted]

    Its still on his main site and its gold, most of mine are from Andy over the years so time saved
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    XF 2.0 No way to auto check add on update ?

    Hi One thing I miss about v1 is the ability to be alerted when an add-on etc - Is there no way to have this option in v2? Copy and pasting version numbers to check is just a drain
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    XF 2.0 Facebook integration

    Most helpful - I think Facebook is now upping their game, my 'app' that I've used for years with my Xenforo suddenly fell over until I made the changes just now. One thing I did find was that Facebook changed https to http in the domain field, if I don't mark it as HTTPS site first, you have...
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    UI.X 2 [Paid]

    The search button doesn’t work in android or IOS ive been told. A couple of members have reported it so tested myself.
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    [AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node

    I mean that I have allowed global moderators to bypass the rule so they can post a thread more than once within 120 hours (5 days) - however the addon will not allow them to post more than one thread within that time, even though I have clearly marked it as bypassed in node permissions.
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    [AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node

    I'm not so sure. I'm checking things at the moment, the most popular section of the forum hasn't had a new thread posted in days, that's unheard of. I have checked user permissions and node permissions. I have things set to 120 hours to start a new thread after the last one, people just can...
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    [AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node

    I think something isn't right with this ADDONs permissions. I have Global Moderators set to bypass but it keeps blocking my moderator?
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    [AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node

    Ah this might be the solution I need to work around this request Could this do the following Have, say no more than one thread a week if someone only has 50 posts and within a user group If someone is part of an upgraded user group, say 100 posts, this addon will then allow them to post 2...
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    Add-on Can't post in Node without x-posts in however many days.

    I was using TAC StopHumanSpam for a few years. I didn't expect the upgrade to x2 to wipe out half my add-ons, not an issue, just caused a headache with one. We have a forum which is aimed at Vloggers - Downside to that is that we get a few members who will sign up, slap videos everywhere and...