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    Seek Highly Professional Xenforo Technologies

    We are finally about ready to release a significant and detailed requirements document reflecting the custom code that we will require for our XF install. If you're a very professional service provider and experienced coder, then please send a PM to both @mary.fossbender & myself with your...
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    XF 1.4 User Group Ordering

    I've got to experiment here, as I'm not sure I understand your suggestion. FYI, in my case, I make the Category private and typically have several private forum nodes under each category. Just because I assign a user to a category does not mean I want them to have access to all child private...
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    XF 1.4 User Group Ordering

    Oh, yes, I guess I can use Ctlr-F to manually search for each item within the browser. It's just that this becomes confusing if we are also using Categories. So, for example, we may need to give a user acess to a category AND the child forums in order for them to access that child forum...
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    XF 1.4 User Group Ordering

    I can't do this in the "Edit User" tool (/admin.php?users) screen, can I? What I need to be able to do is select the "Secondary Groups" a user is a member of, with the primary group = "registered user". It's this selection process that assigns access. Is there another way that I'm missing?
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    XF 1.4 User Group Ordering

    @Brogan - We employ your method of creating User Groups to manage access to Private Nodes. So, in almost every case we have a Group for every node. Then by assign users to groups, we automatically give them access to nodes. Not sure how many people are doing this. But would be great if in...
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    XF 1.4 User Group Ordering

    We employ quite a number of User Groups as most of our Nodes are Private and we setup User Groups to control access to these private Nodes. We typically name the user group with the same name as the node. So, for example Node = "Private Forum 1" has a correspondening User Group called "Private...
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    Seek Highly Professional Xenforo Technologies

    Our company is looking for a paid professional IT resource who can drive our XF migration effort to a new server (within our VPN), upgrade the version of Xenforo that we are running, update our add-ons, and create some custom code for the new installation. We hope to begin planning for this...
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    [TH] Advanced Thread Archiver [Deleted]

    Regarding your options dialog box and the add-ons functionality, I have the following questions: 1. We would like to send threads (those that we have locked) from numerous nodes to archive. So, let's say we have a node called "Forum#1" and would like to send archived threads to...
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    XF 1.4 Locked threads

    I'm curious if there has been any update to this, or this feature has been implemented in an add-on, or elsewhere?
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    Add-on Move Threads after X into Archive

    Was this add-on ever published? If so, I'd appreciate a link to it. Thanks.
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    Nodes As Tabs

    I ended up shorterning the names of the first child nodes, so they will all fit in the secondary nav bar. This actually worked out really well.
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    Nodes As Tabs

    How do I change the length of the secondary nav? In my case, nodes on the secondary nav fall into the ellipse list, thereby hiding access to their children. In one case, all of my secondary nodes (forums) have child nodes (forums). It's not a problem to the left of the ellipse, as I can...
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    Advanced Search Plus

    1. Initally, I installed just Adv Search Plus [ASP (v1.1)] not realizing that you have Adv Search [AS (v1.7)] as well. So, I installed both, and set permissions: - for ASP: Admin User Group = Allow; - for AS: Registered User Group = Allow. So, my users now have access to AS, and I also have...
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    XF 1.4 Improving Search Quality

    Are there any suggestions for changes that we can make to improve the results of the search? What field does the current search tool search on (ie subject line; tags; post content)? Does it index all of the text within a thread? If not, can this be changed to include searching on all text...
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    After testing, I learned that "pinned threads" do NOT display in the New Replies Widget. I see that there is a Sticky Option Only in the widget configurations. Until now, i did not realize there was a 3rd option. I only saw YES or NO. I just noticed that I can also select "blank" . This...