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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    Fair enough. I hadn't contemplated the limits and I thought it was more popular than that (I wasn't expecting France instead of a spanish speaking country to be the main users, hahah, cool). I'll try the soundcloud suggestion in the meantime. :3 Thanks again.
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    I was wondering sicne Grooveshark is gone, would it be possible to embed things from They are in Spanish though, buts eem to be some alternative. If not that's alright. I just figured I'd ask. If there is another mp3 player/song already enabled with the addon that I can...
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    XF 1.4 Xenforo Copyright, Can I edit?

    I believe it no longer is the case that is possible. A few months ago I had a similar problem when I translated the disclaimer (older version allowed to directly edit it), and they made me revert it to the original. If I udnerstood correctly, the matching text is an indication of a valid copy of...
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    Widget Framework Upcoming XenAtendo Events Widget

    Thank you so much for this. That was my mistake as well. I came here looking for a way to correct it. Perhaps editing the instruction to make it a bit more clear would help other people avoiding this mistake.
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    phpBB Fluid and Fixed

    My users miss forumotion, so I am thinking in installing this but I am not sure if it'd be wise to do now that Xenforo is in its 1.2 version... Thank you for your effort.
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    xF-Wordpress Bridge [Paid] [Deleted]

    Okay so my directory is is for xenforo and for the wordpress Do I need to change something? Activating the plugin changes to this: i am sorry i am such a newbie, what do I need to do? Thanks in advance and sorry for the trouble.
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    XF 1.1 Problems Rebuilding Cache

    Thank you very much. I suppose the right thing then now make sure I know which add-on is that one, uninstall it in the Admin panel, delete all the files. Find the latest 1.x version and start over with it. Right? because it seemed that even disabling them didn't solve my problem.
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    XF 1.1 Problems Rebuilding Cache

    I am using Xenforo 1.1.5 at this moment I was trying to update some addons but it started giving me an error after I tried to rebuild for the upgrade of one of them. It stops the rebuild at the very beginning after freezing in Rebuilding Caches... Rebuilding... Phrases then it leads to the...
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    Hahah, small world. I saw the zelda avatar and I was curious about a possible Zelda forum...

    Hahah, small world. I saw the zelda avatar and I was curious about a possible Zelda forum... Nice. :)
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    Avatars - Big & Tall

    Excellent that was what I was looking for. I really appreciate it. It is working very nicely.
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    Avatars - Big & Tall

    Sorry, I am a complete newbie. I like the code and it is working really nice so far. Because I tend to use 100px avatars, the square ones I upload get forced to the large dimension, not sure if there is a way to have the image width for the postbit not to be wider than 150px. I understand by...
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    [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3

    No, I didn't. I received the advice on the update so i figured I'll wait until I upgrade to see if it continued before mentioning it. My Xenforo is new. I installed this add-on around two days before the hot-fix update notification. Then I read the thread and I think it is just result of some...
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    [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3

    Thank you very much for this update. Previously I had to disable the add-on because it wouldn't allow visitors to complete the registration process submit step nor staff manually create new members. With this fix it is all working all right. Thank you!
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    Mixpod Playlist on Profile Page [Deleted]

    Man. Midpox was pretty cool. You could have different playlists in one account. One of my forums was bilingual and we had a playlist for each group. I somehow doubt we will get to recover our playlists from Mixpod. This might not be appropriate so I apologize in advance: Perhaps you could do...