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    I need your opinion, your advice

    You have an old forum which has a fair amount of content, you have an advantage there. Have you tried to monetize it in the past? I wouldn't invest $400, but buying a XF license and migrating over with a few theme customizations (or a reasonably priced theme) should be all you need. Could be...
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    So with Mandrill going premium, what are some alternatives?

    When did you reach out? Support works Monday - Friday I believe. Always been friendly and fast (during business hours) for me.
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    So with Mandrill going premium, what are some alternatives?

    If you're on the hunt for an alternative my personal go to would be PostMark (Would cost you $10/m). This line might resonate well with you: Edit: Just to clear the above, they do also sell dedicated IPs if you really want/need it but you should be fine without.
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    Need a host any suggestion?

    You can spin my words all you like but as you took it so out of context I'll clarify and by the way, at no point did I mention the site visitors should edit their local hosts file so not sure where that came from. OP is asking for the best way to test his/her site on a new server. Your response...
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    Lost with hosting my site

    Thanks for the mention, Solidus! @New Joe - I'd be happy to discuss your requirements more in-depth and see if we can do anything for you. Feel free to DM or email me.
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    Need a host any suggestion?

    I wouldn't edit your DNS, there is really no need when you only want to test your site to make sure it works especially as some ISPs ignore the TTL. You can edit your local hosts file pointing your site to the new servers IP address. This way, when you access you (and only...
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    Core PHP functions disabled

    XenForo's requirements are pretty standard for shared environments, there really isn't anything special. If you're being upsold on a higher package that is compatible honestly, I'd just move to another provider. There is just no reason for it.
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    Do you need to pay $40 for updates for Each license if you have more than one?

    Pretty sure it would be against the terms (paying for 1 licenses renewal and using that on multiple sites) and I'd imagine XF has their checks to prevent this sort of thing from happening.
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    Web host problems - XF2.0

    Was you running version 1 without issue? What PHP and MySQL version are you running? If you like, feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to try and pinpoint the issue for you.
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    Hardware needed for good perfomance?

    From what you have described and the specs, you shouldn't be experiencing any issues. Have you had HostGator look over the server to see where it can be optimized? Have you confirmed if your server is hitting any of these resources at the time it becomes slow? If not, it is possible the server...
  11. HostDash suggestion: Always email users who downloaded vulnerable addon releases

    This would need to be monitored by the XenForo staff so it would take quite a bit of resources. If it was just a non-monitored automatic updater it can potentially open the doors to hackers for a ton of forums. Essentially it would take 1 plugin author to become compromised, push an update to...
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    Change from WBB5

    Did this previously work with that many forums? I just don't see WoltLab deciding to put a limit on it as not many would hit 600+ so adding these limitations in there seems like wasted effort in dev and QA time. You're most likely looking at a server limit here. Have you contacted WBB about...
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    Unmanaged or Managed

    A managed provider is also good just because they'll have your back so to speak. If you're out and about and got an alert for some issue, they can take care of it for you. Not sure about that latest security alert? They'll help you with that. And if you request a copy of what they do each time...
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    Will xenforo 1.x be free after Xenforo 2 is released?

    I wouldn't count on it. I suspect you'll just get prompted to update to a version which has been patched.
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    Better than Vbulletin?

    Oh nice, IPB 4.2 has some really noteworthy features. Will have to check it out more sometime :).