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    XenForo 2.0 Discussion

    Agree with @Yoskaldyr, extending current JS is very difficult, not even close to extending PHP.
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    Partial fix Some errors are logged only in Debug Mode

    Unfortunately developers often don't have time to check all the code and all the user-interface on every XF upgrage. Many of them usually check the main functional and watch the error log then. Maybe there is a hope to have this logging optional disabled by default :rolleyes:
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    Partial fix Some errors are logged only in Debug Mode

    Hello Kier and Mike! Maybe this issue can't be called a bug in a full meaning but it leads to ignoring errors by addon devs and incorrect work of some core methods. For example, there was a method className::methodName() It was extended in some addon. Then in newer XenForo version it gained...
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    Not a bug Change 'self' to 'static' for late static binding in callbacks

    XenForo_Install_Model_Install public function getRequirementWarnings(Zend_Db_Adapter_Abstract $db = null) { $warnings = array(); $phpVersion = phpversion(); if (version_compare($phpVersion, '5.3.3', '<')) { $warnings['phpVersion'] = new...
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    Not a bug Change 'self' to 'static' for late static binding in callbacks

    Last versions of XenForo require minimal PHP version 5.3.3. It means that it's already possible to use late static binding and it's possible to use static method by 'static'. That's why it's time to replace self::method() to static::method(). Also it's reasonable to replace self to static in...
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    Not a bug ->

    Vote for Actually is becoming a standard and much more popular and is becoming outdated
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    Fixed [Speed Up] No need to rebuild moderation queue if no rows affected

    Hello! There is a method. public function deleteFromModerationQueue($contentType, $contentIds) { .... $db = $this->_getDb(); $db->delete('xf_moderation_queue', 'content_type = ' . $db->quote($contentType) . ' AND content_id IN (' ...
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    Unmaintained Template Modification System (TMS) - XenForo 1.3 compability

    Fixed XenForo 1.3 compability
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    Template Modification System (TMS)

    guiltar updated Template Modification System (TMS) with a new update entry: XenForo 1.3 compability Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Template Modification System (TMS)

    Updated github. Please, check now
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    Lack of interest Analog of _setSilentEditOptions() for actionAddThread

    Hello! ControllerPublic_Post::actionSave calls method _setSilentEditOptions() before saving a post. So developer can insert a lot of extra actions with dw, post, thread, forum and input. Such a method would be very very useful in other similar places like...
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    Template Modification System (TMS)

    Hello, for 1.3 see github
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    Fixed [1.3RC1] Timeout while renaming user

    Hello! Renaming user causes timeouts since XenForo_Model_User::changeContentUser() is too heavy for large boards. Please make it deferred and also please check other _postSave() actions while renaming user.
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    Template Modification System (TMS)

    You need debug mode