Analog of _setSilentEditOptions() for actionAddThread


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ControllerPublic_Post::actionSave calls method _setSilentEditOptions() before saving a post. So developer can insert a lot of extra actions with dw, post, thread, forum and input. Such a method would be very very useful in other similar places like ControllerPublic_Forum::actionAddThread. Otherwise developer can't insert extra actions in controller by a proper way. It's just a matter of one empty method (to be extended by devs), analog of _preSave() for DW.

Maybe it's not a bug, but critical for better development.
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This is really more of a suggestion. I understand why you want it, but it's not as if _setSilentEditOptions is actually the proper way of doing it -- you're just hooking into something that's in the right place, but for a different purpose.


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@Mike, that's definitely is a feature. But, it only matter of couple lines of code to implement it and make add-on development way better!

Also it doesn't change anything or break any compability. Just simple thing solves many problems and headaches for devs.