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    Ad Manager

    I can't find the option page to set up the add-on, please help. I have the German Version of Xenforo, I don't know where to find those options.
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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    Please help with the following problem: I cannot install any add-ons via the "resource manager URL" anymore. For example I am trying to install I enter the URL, then click "install or upgrade" at the end of the site, it tries to take the...
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    Amazon Parser

    I've just downloaded and installed this add-on. It takes no effect. Group permissions are set for registered users to "allowed" and I entered my affiliate ID, but links will not be changed. I've tested it with this link...
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    Poll response color

    I'm searching for half an hour now where to edit this css because in the style i bought there is no color for the results... can anyone help please and tell me step by step where to find this (I am using German language, so if someone knows the German terms / steps... otherwise the English...
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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    @KiF I can't confirm that. I can add users to a Joinable User Group via ACP, and after saving and editing the same user again the checkbox of the User Group is still checked.
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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    @squirrly and @KiF : Finally I found out where the "join requests" are! They are hidden here: There you have to check again and again, seems as if there comes no notification about members that want to join a group. I still don't know if the board staff can see this too. I have to ask...
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    [TH] Install and Upgrade [Deleted]

    Same problem here for me. There has to be some directories where one has to set chmod permissions, but which of them? Install and upgrade is a really great idea, good work, but I nearly can't install any add-on becaues of problems with CHMOD permissions. I've set any directory I can imagine to...
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    TaigaChat Pro - Realtime chat/shoutbox [Paid]

    I need a chat for my board in 7 hours from now for my board team. There has to be the opion to create a separate, maybe password protected room for the team. Is this possible with the pro version? At the moment i'm running the free version of TaigaChat.
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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    @Waindigo please help:)
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    [TH] Join User Group [Deleted]

    I can't see the request to join user group. I think I set all permissions right, and i've set the group to confirm. As a test user I can send my wish to join the group, but there's no report to me. I want that every moderator of my board sees the request in the moderation queue. What do I...
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    [TH] Install and Upgrade [Deleted]

    Just called the hoster. This board is running on a managed v-Server. There are 30 GB of free space available, no limits for the database. They were not able to find any limitation. I tried to optimize all database tables -> mySQL crashed... then, after restarting the sever two times it works...
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    [TH] Install and Upgrade [Deleted]

    Installation of this add-on is not successful:
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    XF 1.3 Android Upload: No pic is showing

    Hello community, on my new xenForo 1.3 installation, I can't upload pictures from my Samsung Galaxy SII to the board. If I try so in the quick reply field there's no pic showing. No error is reported, the pic is simply not there, seems as if no upload has happened (excuse my bad English). If...
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    Hide Message Elements

    Thanks for this, ChrisD! I had to do a little change to make it run in 1.3.2. If someone is looking for the same, here are the necessary changes Instead of: <xen:if is="@messageShowRegisterDate AND $visitor.user_id"> i had to use: <xen:if is="@messageShowRegisterDate AND...