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    XF 2.1 Reactions 👍😍🤣😲🙁😡

    feeling silly for refusing to implement this back in the beta days?
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    how to avoid members copying your css and images

    anyone that right-clicks to open links, copy&paste, search google, use the dictionary or spellcheck, etc is going to hate you and hate using your site.
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    what is strange is that i can see embedded tweets normally on some sites, yet not on others (including my own) nvm: it wasdown to my own paranoia (ghostery)
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    s9e Media BBCodes pack

    any idea why any attempts to embed tweets simply posts a 'loading tweet' link?
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    Live Update

    running a fresh rc5 (i uninstalled the previous version) and i cant seem to get the notification api to trigger, despite having it enabled in options and not allowing usergroups to alter. 'notification' is the facebook-like notification that pops up on unrelated pages in use at taz, yes?
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    XF 1.5 Logo change after Installing New update?

    while all the above is true, i still see no good reason to include something like the logo in every update.
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    Lack of interest 2FA: link apps prior to 'enabled page'

    i am finding that members are hesitant to click 'enable' because they are afraid it will enable 2FA without first allowing them to install the requisite phone app. it would be great if users could get the links and install the apps prior to clicking 'enable'. if they could, its likely that more...
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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    getting a mkdir() error and wondering where it is trying to create the dir? if i knew that i could manually create and chmod the directory. edit: looks to be wanting to create a dir called 'addons' in the install directory.
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    [FreddysHouse] Signature Once

    just a note, i am successfully running FreddysHouse Tools: Signature Once on xf 1.5.5 :) i love this addon eta: note that you now need to set usergroup permission 'enable signature once' to allow to make this work.
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    xenforo license

    i love the xf license system. i can go a long time without renewals, and have never been 'forced' to upgrade for a security patch. the xf guys have been pretty good about posting relevant patches in the related announcement threads to patch up outdated version of xf, meaning you arent even...
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    [XFR] User Albums

    good news :) thanks for the reply
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    [XFR] User Albums

    i havent paid much attention to mg development... only enough to be aware that it is now the official xf media gallery. does the current version of media gallery feature the xfr importer?
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    XF 1.2 XenFans WELCOME BLOCK

    i thought the thread title said 'xenfans welcome back' :(
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    Possible Security Vulnerability with Adobe Flash

    firefox and facebook have just thrown flash into the grave. Firefox blocks Flash, and Facebook calls for its death
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    [Tinhte] XenTag

    well, ideally this addon will be updated to update the tags to core and then to extend the brand new core feature to match the featureset of this three and a half year old addon...