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    What are you listening to?

    The Gap Band :cool:
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    Congratulations Mike (Audentio)!

    Congratulations! (y)
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    Merry Christmas XenForo

    I hope everyone has a joyful Christmas and prosperous New Year!
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    Happy Birthday, Mike!

    Happy birthday!
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    [halloween] Pumpy Poopy Pants

    Cute, as usual!
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    Today i found granddad dead :(

    That's awful. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
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    Thanks KAM for the free license extension!

    Indeed, a very fine gesture - thanks KAM!
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    California Case Update

    Class will out - and did. Congrats, guys! :D
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    Good Luck tomorrow KAM!

    Good luck, guys - we're all with you! ;)
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    California Case Update

    Keepin' the faith here - good luck xenForo! (Go get 'em Pam!)(y)
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    How do you invest your money?

    I own a forum and therefore have no money. Or free time. Or a life. :LOL:
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    California Case Update

    Fingers crossed - best of luck XenForo!
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    California Case Update

    I knew we could count on Pam! :ROFLMAO: (But maybe she should have said lies . . )
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    California Case Update

    I, for one, look forward with great anticipation to Pam's response to the latest motion. :whistle:
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    On moderation skills and unwanted discussions

    I guess I've been doing this so long my patience runs a little thin sometimes.:( If a thread degrades to the point where I step in as the Admin, I remind the thread participants of who has the ban hammer and ask them to resume playing nicely so I don't have to use it.