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    TeamSpeak 3 Integration [Paid]

    It would be nice to be able to disable the flood protection warning, especially for us on rented TS. I have whitelisted the webserver's outbound IP and it works perfectly without changing the flood query settings. (Which most if any TS hosts will allow you to change in any case). It would also...
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    PemBer - Professional Paid Membership Plugin [Deleted]

    Once this have Stripe, I might very well buy this. Especially nice that you use the Paypal NVP :D
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    [TH] Navigation Manager [Paid]

    A dev not longer on these forums had/have a navigation addon that let you do that. Alas, I am not using anything made by them anymore, even if I was paid to do so !
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    [bd] Paygates

    Alas, nothing in the error log :/
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    [bd] Paygates

    I think I understand the problem, at least in theory. Alas, I have no intentions on providing coupons, so the price should not ever change, wich means that check would never fail. Whenever I enable both addons, the account upgrade page becomes completely blank. Just white space. where the...
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    [bd] Paygates

    Is there any possibility on working out the conflics? The functionality added by both Paygate and the User Upgrades are extremely useful, especially if we could combine them. Do you have any ideas @Jon W ?
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    [TH] Monetize Lite [Paid]

    Im having this issue myself, with an active adsence sone. (Used direct tempalate edit before). For guests, it shows up fine 100%, but for logged in users, it shows up fine once, then only shows a white blank space on subsequent pageloads.
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    UI.X [Paid]

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    UI.X [Paid]

    Release next version already!!11one The suspense is killing me :P nah, take your time :)
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    GoodForNothing Link Proxy

    Uninstalling made all links give unknow route /redirect error. Had to turn on Xenforo Link Proxy to get links to work afterwards.
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    Xen Product Manager [Paid]

    Does it by any chance support a virtual currency system such as BD Bank or ******* Credits? Or, is it possible to hire you to add such feature? The best would be to have both options, like have a product cost x dollars, or X virtual currencies.
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    ******* - Store Framework [Deleted]

    @******* Do you have any ETA on a general product addon? We would have sponsored such addon if it was not for it being mentioned it was something you are working on.
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    [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO [Paid]

    Changed it under the service tag now. That made the video work at least. However, it is still loading the profile picture from the non secure urls. I guess this is hardcoded in the addon?
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    [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO [Paid]

    I will change the urls of the embedded files to use HTTPS. at least support this. ( Edit: More information can be found here:
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    [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO [Paid]

    Could someone please give me a helping hand pointing at where I can change the embeds to use the secure versions? We only use Twitch on our site, and after we converted our forums to run on HTTPS, the streams do not play for obvious reasons :) We have tried changing the XML files in the addon...