XF 1.2 Zend Errors, Please Help

Earlier today, around 12:00 P.M, the forums were working perfectly fine. I get on around 4:00 P.M or so and there was only 3 things in the navtabs, pretty sure none of the add-ons are working, either. I went to the error log and I have MULTIPLE errors saying, "Invalid URI supplied" and they're coming from this location.
Any idea on what's going on? I also have a few "Connection Refused" Errors. This is where they're coming from.
Please help me with this ASAP.
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Tracy Perry

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Yes. Just checked them. No erroes in the WEB server error logs. Where will the php error logs be found?
You on a shared host or VPS/dedicated server? If shared, then you probably cannot access them. Otherwise they will be (normally) in the /var/log directory if the php log exists.


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Have you added any RSS feeds lately? These errors are requesting a remote URL that is failing. It may be a failed gravatar, call, but without the full error (past the file), its hard to be certain.

The second is an error coming from your email provider, specifically, the connection has been refused for some reason (you'll need to check those logs).