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Hope so to not break any Xenforo rules.

Hi i introduce you with two youtube plugin.This plugin not exists on any Xenforo site, and this plugin not developed from any others people except me.

Youtube Wizard Search and Youtube Slideshow.

Both plugin works,

Example here:

First plugin auto change content every 20 sec.There is option to add it vertical and horizontal position,

Easy you can add it in sidebar from widget framework.

Second ones you can manualy change added content from you, and inside search bar you can put any words to find it without goes to youtube page, also you can add video in youtube when you click on link, which goes to youtube page to add video.

This two plugins goes togheter and price is 30€ for both.

So if any of you its interested for buy it just start private conversation or PM.


No need to install this plugin, just add code on page or widget framevork, that is for Youtube Slideshow, Youtube Wizard Search must add it like page, or add code inside news list.

When you buy this plugin please not share it, If any developer wants to improve this code and make other plugin, price for that is 50€ no need to buy plugin for 30€ and add more 50€.

Sorry for bad english.
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