Bug in Discourse import plugin


Affected version
If there are users on the Discourse forum who for any reason do not have a set password, i.e. there is no value for the password_hash and salt columns in the Discourse PostgreSQL database for the user ID, i.e. the values are NULL, the Xenforo import plugin will skip those users and will not import them. (You will not get any error or log because of this.)

The reproduction was done in such a way that when a password was manually added to Discourses for a user who did not have one, XFI successfully added that one user on the repeated import.

It is necessary to create a mechanism so that when importing, the verification of whether sha256 is present or not can be skipped on Xenforo importer part.
In my testing, setting a null value for the password_hash and salt did not result in users being skipped. I'm curious if maybe the missing values correspond to an additional anomaly in the source data that we don't anticipate. If anyone running into this is comfortable providing a dump of some of their Discourse tables, it would be very helpful to progress a fix here.
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