XF 2.2 Youtube errors keep popping up (blocking)


We have some YouTube videos displayed in our forum in threads. All was ok for 5 years, but recently we keep getting a blocking screen coming up. This blocks ALL YouTube videos on all threads at the same time. The block seems to last about 30 minutes. It is causing a lot of problems for our members.

Please can someone advise how we can avoid the issue. Many of the videos are our content, so it is not a copyright problem.

XF 2.25

A user reported this on our site recently but it only seemed to be affecting her. No one could replicate it. She did post this thread from here but it is just another report of the issue.

Contact YouTube support - they are blocking your site.
Seems strange that a block on the site would have the inconsistency I saw. Makes sense otherwise.
It happens when a lot of requests come from the same IP or they have reason to believe the requests are automated. This used to happen a lot at an agency I used to work for when the marketing team ran bulk searches, the office IP would get flagged and we'd all get captchas on Google searches.
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