As designed "Your news feed" includes my Latest Activity!!

Affected version
XF 2.0 Beta 8

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In XF2.0 I noticed that My news feed functionality has been changed from XF1.0. In XF2.0 my Latest Activity is now included!! As far as I know in XF1.0 My news feed includes only the latest activity of those I follow.


Is this a bug or intentionally the functionality of My news feed been changed in XF2.0!!!


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This is intentional.
Hi Mike,

I don't know why you include My latest activity in the "Your New Feed" where you can see its clearly stated in the picture "Your news feed is currently empty. Follow poeple to fill it" which means it should only be filled with the activity of those who I follow same as this option works in XF1.0.

In my opinion the functionality should be remain the same as XF1.0, because there is no aim of following my activity specially if am so active in my forum then the page will be filled only with my activity and here the page will be no diffirent from my Latest activity in my profile page.



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Anyway to make you guys change back the functionality of “Your New Feed” like it is now on XF1.0.

Thanks and hope you thing again about it.