Your Forum members feedback on xf2

On average, do your forum members like the xf2 upgrade?

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Mr Lucky

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Having now upgraded one forum, and two upgraded test forums where some regular members have been invited, I'm interested to know about other admins' feedback from "normal" members. ie not forum owners or developers. Just the people who use the forum.

I have found (as expected) a wide variety of opinions ranging from the curmudgeons (who seem to hate any kind of change whatever) to those who embrace the improvements in useability and features.

  • I found they needed to be led by the hand a bit to understand how to get Recent Posts, but seem happy enough with the new filter system once they get it.
  • A couple have complained they have fewer text colours to choose from
  • A complaint that their own posts now show in news Feed
  • A complaint they can't rate resources from the Resource reviews page now.
  • Plenty of thumbs ups though