[you] Replacement


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So this was a very simple mod I installed in my long time vb3 forum. The mod didn't exist for vb4, but I was able to copy the code from from my vb3 and manually make the edits to the archive_complete, global_complete, and profile_complete hooks.

All this mod does is replace the [you] variable (board-wide) with the viewing user's username. But it also had the ability to change that variable. My users figured out the [you] and I replaced it with something like ^you^.

Anyway, I used this to great success on April Fools one year with a thread titled "And my favorite poster is.....[you]" And filled it with all kinds of language about what a great poster they were. It went for hundreds of pages and was a source of amusement for so many.

As I get ready to migrate to Xenforo, I am asking if there is any simple way to do this, or to port it over, so those old posts still carry on?

Thank you to anyone for any help. I can supply the hook code in those three edits if needed.


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I've been thinking about requesting a "/me" addon for some time, but I'm not even sure if it's widely used any more?

/me thought he would mention it just in case anyone fancied doing a you/me add-on of some description! ;)