reCAPTCHA replacement via CloudFlare


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This may have already been addressed somewhere, but I couldnt find it here.

I use and prefer to use CloudFlare Turnstile for user registration and contact forms.

I use the free version and not the Enterprise plan of course.

After reviewing the Turnstile features and specs, a couple XF related questions came up that I am not confident in answering.

Free Turnstile offers:

Number of widgets: Up to 10
Validation support: 10 hostnames per widget

I presume the hostname refers to my use of the domain, but I am not sure how many "widgets" used in Xenforo 2.2(3) are consumed. Looking around CloudFlare did not give me a sense of how many I have used.

Thanks in advance.
You would never use more than 1 widget per site (unless you were doing something custom on your own, then maybe).

Think of a widget as a place to store stats about the widget usage. Normally you would have 1 widget per site (lets you keep stats on a per site basis), but if you were to reach the limit of how many you can have for free, you certainly use a single Turnstile "site" across multiple websites by allowing multiple hostnames on each (if you don't care about site-specific stats).
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