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Ok, so now what? Do you guys have anti-necroposting things in place? Last reply on the very specific topic I was looking into was July 28, 2011.

I poked around trying to figure out what unlocks that, or reasoning, ... no info (not easy to find at least) ... Great user experience there. (y)


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Are you referring to this site or your own?

User group, user and node permissions control whether members can post in a specific forum or not.


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As it states on the category title:

You must be a XenForo customer to post in these forums. Ensure your account is listed here.
Right, but if you end up directly on a thread, you have no idea. I was not browsing that forum, I ended up directly in the thread from a search and didn't realize I was in a privileged place when I went back to the thread. So maybe a corner case. I get it now.