XF 2.1 "You have insufficient privileges" grey Button, but "analyze rights" says "yes"


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Hi, I recently moved from v1.5 to v2 and one forum now gives me headaches. I cannot post in existing threads there. The button is greyed out with "You have insufficient privileges". The thread is open, and there is no post ban on that thread for my account (after all: I had admin rights!). And "analyze rights" for the forum node gives me "post replys "Yes":

Post replies
  Yes (Details)
  Registered    Yes
  Administrative    Yes
  Moderating    Yes
  Reda    Yes
  darip    No
  User value    Yes
  ---- Rap Gossip - Registered    No
  ---- Rap Gossip - darip    Yes

What am I missing?

Thank you!!


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It means the permission cache was incorrect.

I've seen it before and it's typically due to a third party add-on.

It most likely means there will be other accounts with the same issue.

You can try running the 'Clean up permissions' task in the Tools menu - thay may or not resolve it.


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yes, the v2 forum is brand new. but we had a quite rough transition from 1.5 - maybe something went wrong during that. Let me check with the guy who did it. thank you.