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Hello I am licensed XenForo user, some time ago I've installed Xenforo Gallery Manager thing ( not licensed :( ) for testing purposes, was thinking to buy but wanted to test it first, not even used it I mean you can check if you log it on your servers after installing and exploring for 30min I've deactivated the addon in the panel and it stay deactivated until today, but didn't completely remove. Addon was not in use but today this error came up. And I completely removed the addon (at first it was saying addon name in the error, after completely removing it, the name of addon gone and here it is;


Well the problem is, when I click on "check for upgrades again" it makes me wait and then this error comes up and the following addon is not removing.

Anyone know how to fix it?
I'll wait for it to check upgrades automatically tho. When I try to do it myself I'm getting service unavailable error, but panel tells me last upgrade check was done successfully yesterday. So today, or maybe tomorrow it is supposed to check for upgrades automatically and it will remove the error (probably)
You will need to uninstall the add-on and delete the files from the server.
I did. First uninstalled from addons page, then go to server > src > addons > XFMG folder > delete.

But I'm still stucking on upgrade check. Maybe server related. I think I'll wait for my XenForo to automatically check upgrade. For some reason manual checking gives error.
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