XF 2.2 You are running a version of XenForo which is newer than your license permits.

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I got a message in ACP to upgrade to 2.2.11 so I did that via automatic upgrade.

Now I get this warning:

The following issues must be resolved as soon as possible. Once they have been resolved, check for upgrades again to confirm.
  • You are running a version of XenForo which is newer than your license permits.
This is true, as I know the licence has expired for that forum back in July.

So I'm confused as to why I am able to download, but then the the warning notice that O need to resolve the issue. How do I do that?

(I've seen other threads about this, but related to 2.1)
It can be safely ignored and is a known issue.

Technically, it isn't true. The release date of 2.2.11 was set to one minute after the release date of 2.2.10 Patch 1. This is why you were able to dow a one-click upgrade.

It isn't clear, however, why this response is returned.

It happened previously with some XF 2.1 customers, and I think that was related to a XF 1.5 release happening after the latest XF 2.1 release. In this case, it's likely because an XF 2.1 release was made after the latest XF 2.2 release.

We haven't yet been able to track it down. We implemented a workaround for XF 2.1 customers, but that workaround won't work in this case. We need to investigate further.
My license expired in July. I'm just really confused why I was able to update it to v2.2.11 and only get warned after that...
I plan to renew the license next month, can I just ignore the message until then? Will it block stuff/functions?
Is there a reason I can update with an expired license?

My free update period ended today. (18 Oct.)
Maybe if I had updated yesterday I wouldn't have gotten this error.
I had to restore my system because I got this error.
You want us to ignore this warning, but this warning bothers and worries me.
So I don't want to update it again.
I would like to know if a patch that can fix this will be released in the future.
Thank you
Honestly, I didn't think about the possibility of having a security problem until you wrote it.
Therefore, I will apply the patch as you said.

Thanks for the warning
Therefore, I will apply the patch as you said.
Which will result in a warning when the filecheck has run automatically, that a file is found whose contents does not match the expected contents of that file.

So you got something else to worry about. ;)
I would rather ignore a known license message issue then some unexpected file content. Which is why I did the full 2.11 upgrade after putting in the patch, to loose this notice.
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