[XTR] Style Switcher

[XTR] Style Switcher 1.0.2

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Osman submitted a new resource:

[XTR] Style Switcher - This add-on allows you to change the look of your webpage in a simple way.

Demo: XenTR / Professional XenForo Styles : Default-Style
Note: On the demo site, the style switcher plug-in is only set to default style.

This add-on is a jQuery-based theme / skin modifier that allows a visitor to change the look of your webpage (for example, text color, background color, background image) from the sliding panel...

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Osman updated [XTR] Style Switcher with a new update entry:


Some new features have been added with this release.

Some changes made
  • The style changer feature will no longer be active on other pages that can only be made on the main page. This prevents different cookie retention for changes made to each page.
  • As a new feature, you can enable on all styles if you want, or you can only enable the active style modifier on the styles you specify.
  • Another new feature is that the shifts that occur in each page load, especially when boxed...

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