Style Switcher?


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Sorry if this is in the incorrect sub-forum but I'm not entirely sure where to post this, or if posting it here is appropriate. I have two questions.

1) I would like to add some sort of 'style switcher' for xenForo customers to view live demonstrations of Styles before they buy.

I've seen it done on a few other sellers' sites. Is there a simple way of doing it?

2) I'm guessing that in order for me to do this I would either use one of my current forums, or buy a new license since it will be on a different domain, but used only for Style demonstration. Am I correct?





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Styles can be selected from the style chooser in the footer.
Was there something else you had in mind?

As per the license terms, you are permitted one production installation and one test installation, which must be limited to your site staff only.
So unless you plan to use your production site you would require an additional license for demo purposes.