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[XTR] Featured Threads 1.0.4

No permission to download


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Please update. We are waiting to upgrade our site to 2.2 for this addon. Would be really great if it worked. If you are not going to, please let us know so we can move on. Thanks

Tom McIntyre

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I have this installed and like it, but https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xd-ftslider-featured-thread-slider.6852/ is probably better for me. I have had the two confused in my mind several times recently,

Both are featured threads with a slider, but one seems to emphasize the feature thread more and the other the slider more. Is there some analysis on why a person would prefer one or the other?

The other is about to have an XF2.2 release as I understand it. Both are by @XDinc.


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Looking forward to it 👍

Dear @affLIFT
There was a big earthquake in the location where I live.
The 7.0 magnitude tremor was centred off Turkey's Izmir province, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to export the add-on in the last 48 hours, but if everything goes well, I'll release a version tomorrow.
For now, I will have posted a short video abouth of new release.

I have a family that I need to take care of, sometimes I cannot answer every request immediately.
I hope 2020 to end as soon as possible.


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XDinc updated [XD] Feature Threads with a new update entry:

Changelog 1.0.4

XenForo 2.2.x Compatibility Update
  • Confirm XF 2.2+ support
1.0.4 - Change log
  • Add-on templates updated .
  • Requires php 7.0+
  • Supports only XF2.2+
  • New options and style properties have been added.
  • In this release some of modifications / optimizations has been applied for XF 2.2.+

Please do not upgrade the add-on, if you are using 1.0.3 or older! You should remove old version and re-install new 1.0.4...

Read the rest of this update entry...


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Does this require a purchase now? It has a "Premium" prefix on the site, and it's telling me I don't have permission to download.


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Haven't had a chance to use it much yet, but so far so good. The new icon on threads is a definite improvement, too, since it makes it much easier to distinguish between it and the feature option for your slider addon. Speaking of which: the slider is now no longer working properly and I can't update it because I updated this one today. Would be really cool if you increased the daily download limit to at least two. ;)



"Feature" action button is not showing on each thread. 1.04 on XF2.2. What could be the issue? User permission has been granted.