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XGFX - BlueGlassy


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Honest opinion, I am sorry to say I don't love it, its a nice concept but in my honest personal opinion it seems slightly dated, I don't know why and can't explain it but just dated...

None the less I wish you the best with it.

Eric J.

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Looks like you put a lot of work into it already, so I would suggest at least coding it and adding another skin to what's already here. :p


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I actually quite like it. I would code it up just like you have it and let's see it live :)


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One more vote for the style. Honestly speaking this is the first style I see that is really customizing to create ts own identity. Most of the style I have seen till now, are just color changes or adding bgimages...


Some mixed comments. Thanks. I will code it as it stands but also work on making it look more modern with shadows etc.


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Looks great. If I was you I would go ahead and code it, see how it looks, then do your touch ups from there.


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For a first skin, this is pretty good.
On one of my sites, we have something similar to this as a main design (it's a vB site/skin), we went with this frame of mind: Simple Site, Simple layout.
I think that all this layout needs is a bit better play with the darkness in contrast to the lightness.
Also, (just my opinion) that glare over the word XenForo needs to be cut down in half so that is more on the words rather than above it.